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Who is Lake City Crafts?

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Hey quillers!

Many of you have bought from Lake City Crafts for years (and years, and years) and we are so glad. Some of you are new to quilling. Whether long time friends or new friends we want you to know us.

Did you know Lake City Crafts was opened in 1974 by Malinda Johnston? Malinda passed in November 2016, but Malinda's works can still be found today.  This is a sweet little piece I have in my collection. It was created and photographed for one of her many books.

Now it's time to meet the Lake City Crafts of 2018!

Carla, Danette, Lisa, and Ron

First up is Ron White. This is Ron's ninth year at the helm of Lake City Crafts. Some people would say he's a little on the quiet side. Personally, I think he is very intelligent. When you have three woman doing the backseat driving, it is best to keep your eyes on the road! 

Danette Rich, second in command and quiller extrodinare. Danette has been with Lake City Crafts for over 20 years! (No wonder she knows so much!!!) Danette loves to quill, but with six kids and eight grandkids...there's not much "me" time available!

Danette's office wall is filled with pictures of beautiful quilling examples Lake City customer's have sent her over the years.

Carla Bylsma, her title may simply be "production" but we think she is really awesome. What a gem we have in Carla. She has been with Lake City Crafts for 14 years.

When I asked Carla if there was anything interesting she wanted to share about herself she responded, "Not really. My life is pretty boring." But in talking more with her there is no doubt that her family is the apple of her eye. Her face lights up so many ways when talking about her grandson.

Now the newbie....me. I'm Lisa Palmer, Blog and Newsletter Manager

I am not only new to Lake City Crafts, but I'm fairly new to quilling! I discovered the art over 20 years ago but found it to be the most time consuming thing I ever experienced! Then in 2011 I found myself bored with my projects and came across that kit purchased years before. (And, yes, a Lake City Crafts' kit it was!) A quick trip to the Internet and Pinterest and I was hooked!

I'm a wife, mother of three adult girls, and Nana to a passel of Nana-babies. I'm also a small business owner and many of you have met me through my business Never Bored Creations. 

So there you have it! We are Lake City Crafts. And we love all things curlly! 

What about you? How long have you been a quiller? What got you started?

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