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"Growth is never by mere chance...

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Greetings fellow quillers!

Welcome to the NEW Lake City Crafts' blog. 

Here at Lake City Crafts we have been committed to your quilling success for over 45 years! And, thanks to you, we are growing every day. Working to create a community where we can all share our quilling knowledge and accomplishments.

What to expect? "Grape" roll please ... on average, we plan to communicate every couple weeks. Our on-line presence will be filled with tips, free patterns, and information about new colors or products. We will work hard to give you content that won't just fill your screen! Less reading means more time at the quilling table!

We are very excited to start this new project and hope you will find fun and value in our efforts.

So what say you, quill fans? What would you like to see in our blog posts?

Until next time....keep those papers rolling!

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