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Glue 201: This is not Kindergarten..

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My favorite glue? Well, Lake City Crafts Glue! And I have tried many, manNNEY glues over my years of quilling. But hands down...Lake City Crafts all the way.

This is a high quality glue which was developed by Lake City Crafts specifically for qulling. It is their own formula you won't find in other glues. It sets quickly and dries clear. Its quick set means you have more time for creating and less time holding your work until it's set!


Of course, a great glue needs a great dispenser. Thus our needle tip point which allows you to place the smallest drop of glue just where you need it. You never want excess glue on your work. I tell my students, “This is not kindergarten. Less is more.”

Our needle point also comes with, yep...you guessed it....a needle! The needle is inserted into the needle tip during storage.

Pro and con of our needle tip glue dispenser: Pro...it's AMAZING! Con....the needle gets stuck.  And when the needle gets really, really stuck you have to soak it in water for a very long time to unstick it. Which is not peanut butter quillin' time friendly! So here is how I care for my dispenser.

First, while quilling I keep my glue bottle upside down in a small container. In the bottom of the container I have a small piece of sponge. Previously, I would dampen it just a bit but over time I discovered that was not necessary. Besides, if you get it too wet the needle will suck that water right up in it and when you go to glue something---yuck, water glue!

When I'm finished quilling, I put the needle back in the dispenser and store it in my container—you guessed it--upside down! I have stored my glue this way for days (even a couple weeks) and the needle does not get stuck. (Unlike standing it straight up in your work area.)

Please keep in mind unless I'm on vaca or holiday I quill at least 5 days a week. Quilling is my full-time business; therefore, I seldom deal with a stuck needle. For those who do not quill often, a stuck needle might occur and it is very disappointing. You only have a small window available and---uugghhh, the needle's stuck! You can unstick the needle by removing the dispenser from the cap and soaking it in hot water. Which is a pain during your small window of time!

So here's my suggestion: If you don't get to quill often, or you know you might be weeks between quilling sessions, I recommend you take your dispenser apart and give it a little cleaning. A toothpick and water will get the glue out of the yellow area of the dispenser. The needle will help push the glue from the needle point. Then store your glue with the original cap on your bottle. The plastic container it comes in makes for nice storage for your glue and all its parts. 

Well, there you have it quill fans. Sweet info about Lake City Crafts glue. 

(Disclaimer: Lake City Crafts did not pay me to say this is my favorite glue...I used this glue exclusively even before becoming a part of the team!) 

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