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Free Snow in August? Yep!

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Welcome to August heat! To help cool us down Lake City Crafts is sharing a free snowflake pattern. This pattern is one of eight you will find in our Snowflake Kit #280

Let's gather your supplies and tools: Lake City quilling designer boardbright white paper; pattern, fine tip slotted toolfine point tweezers; work surface; and let's not forget the most amazing glue out there (yes, we are bias!) Lake City's glue with needle tip applicator

Here's a closer look at the pattern. 
        I don't usually make all my pieces first; however, this
piece is so simple I thought I'd give it a try.

Six 4 inch open hearts
Twelve 4 inch V scrolls
Six 4 inch marquises

Do you have trouble getting your open hearts and V scrolls close to even? Here's a tip for you: I decide how big the piece needs to be.  Then, using my finger nail, I make a slight indention in the folded paper. In this pattern I used a one-half inch indention.

Now, roll your open heart or V scroll up to the indention. 

When looking at this pattern, I made the decision to add a little extra glue in places. Like where the coils of the open heart meet.  Also, I glued a small area along the stem of the six V scrolls that hold the marquise. I also added a little glue to the coils of those same six V scrolls.

When my snowflake is done, I like to add a 6 or 7 mm jump ring to use in hanging. 

So there you have it! Isn't it a beauty? I just love snowflakes!!! (On my tree----not on my roads!)

Want more? Well, designers at Lake City Crafts have always loved their snowflakes! We have three kits of just snowflakes available. In two sizes! 

Snowflake Kit #280 in 1/8 inch wide paper                 Snowflake Kit #230 in 3/8 inch wide paper

(Also comes in a double kit #261)

And, of course, Christmas ornaments are always fun gifts so we have you covered there too! Check out our large selection: Christmas at Lake City!

Free snow in August! What fun. Until next time quillers, keep those tools a twirling!

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