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Even great things come to an end...


First, we would like to thank you and express our gratitude to all of our customers. The joy we have had over the past decades in serving your quilling paper and tool needs cannot be expressed in words.

But all journeys have their own beginning and their own end.  That is why, with heavy hearts, we are informing our customers that as 2018 comes to an end, so will the journey of Lake City Crafts Company. It has been an amazing journey for all of us; however, just as quilling has evolved and changed so has the retail world.  The affect of which makes it nearly impossible for Lake City Crafts to look forward into 2019.

We do want to make it clear that until our journey's end we will continue the operation of selling your favorite products; however, we will not be ordering new supplies. As product bins empty those items will no longer be available.

As we expect many of you will be gobbling up your favorite paper colors and products, please be patient with us.  It may take a few extra business days for our small staff to fulfill your order.

We cannot express how very deeply we regret this decision. We know the loss of Lake City Crafts products will be a shock to the quilling community. It has been such an honor to travel with you and to be a part of your creative journeys.

We wish all success to your future quilling adventures. 

Ron, Danette, Carla, and Lisa

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Glue 201: This is not Kindergarten..

My favorite glue? Well, Lake City Crafts Glue! And I have tried many, manNNEY glues over my years of quilling. But hands down...Lake City Crafts all the way.This is a high quality glue which was developed by Lake City Crafts specifically for qulling. It is their own formula you won't find in other glues. It sets [...]

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Free Snow in August? Yep!

Welcome to August heat! To help cool us down Lake City Crafts is sharing a free snowflake pattern. This pattern is one of eight you will find in our Snowflake Kit #280. Let's gather your supplies and tools: Lake City quilling designer board; bright white paper; pattern, fine tip slotted tool; fine point tweezers; work surface; and let's not forget the [...]

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Who is Lake City Crafts?

Hey quillers!Many of you have bought from Lake City Crafts for years (and years, and years) and we are so glad. Some of you are new to quilling. Whether long time friends or new friends we want you to know us.Did you know Lake City Crafts was opened in 1974 by Malinda Johnston? Malinda passed in [...]

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"Growth is never by mere chance...

Greetings fellow quillers!Welcome to the NEW Lake City Crafts' blog. Here at Lake City Crafts we have been committed to your quilling success for over 45 years! And, thanks to you, we are growing every day. Working to create a community where we can all share our quilling knowledge and accomplishments. What to expect? "Grape" roll [...]

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